The Lost and Found Museum

Ashley Van Dyck, a colleague at both the Whitworth Gallery and Manchester Museum, is hosting an exhibition!

The Lost & Found Museum

This is an exhibition which explores loss and discovery, expect to find the unexpected from everyday life to some of the more profound personal recoveries and life defining stories.

Here is an extract from the exhibition’s website:

Exploring Loss and Discovery

One thing we all have in common is that at some point in our lives we have lost something and we have found something. Losing a favourite object or a loved one and everything in between is what this project seeks to explore. Finding a new way to live or £20 on the ground and everything in between. How we all view and deal with these things is what sets us apart. Some losses are harder to deal with than others of course due to their nature or our individual resilience and the same with discoveries, some are profoundly life changing, some just make your day a little brighter.

Mass disasters are a great loss to many people at once and a community or entire nation will come together to heal the wound and console each other, art is very often at the core of these instances. For example what is happening in Boston since the bombings. Art helps us to heal and to celebrate, it is the purest way humans have of expression so it makes sense in situations like there for art to be the centre of the rebuilding, the healing or the attempt to make sense of something.

In the wake of the Japanese tsunami this project came about to help people salvage their lives and memories.
Similarly Ai Wei Wei compiled the backpacks of Chinese students killed in an earthquake. It was a powerful statement saying we will not forget the people who were lost.

Discoveries can be physical, tangible and archaeological in nature or they can be profound and personal ethereal occurrences, how and why we assign value to each of these things is of great interest. Is something more valuable because of the nature of its acquisition? How does loss affect and change us?

Submissions are ongoing!


Come along, everyone welcome!

At The Wonder Inn, Shudehill
December 3rd – 6th 2015
Opening reception Thursday December 3rd from 6 til 9pm



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