Experiencing the Manchester Museum

Today’s is a guest blog by Katie Kelly and Jordan Haddington who have been on a work experience placement at Manchester Museum this week.


Well where to start… We wanted to do our work experience placements at Manchester Museum because we wanted to learn about all of the different cultures and arts that are displayed, and to find out the different stories behind the objects. We also hoped to learn more about the way history can be understood through art as this is something that we don’t really know very much about. And this new experience would also allow us to surround ourselves in a world completely different to the one we are used to.

There are so many different reasons why we have enjoyed our time at Manchester Museum, more than we could possibly write about, but here are a few… We enjoyed the staff telling us all different kinds of facts about Manchester Museum’s collection; it was really fun to know interesting facts! Also the staff have been so kind and welcoming, which made it a pleasure to do our work experience here – if we were lost they would always help us find our way, and if we didn’t understand an object, artwork  or history topic that was displayed in the museum they did not hesitate in giving us some help.

The part of the museum that we found the most personal interest in was the Egyptian gallery with the displays of mummies. We particularly enjoyed finding out about Asru, one of the museum’s most famous mummies, learning about her story made us even more interested and really brought this part of history to life!

The word that best describes our work experience at the museum is ‘brilliant’. It made us think about the future we may have if we ever get employed, and it gave us a glimpse into work life; it really was like living in a different world, where we felt so grown up and we both liked to be treated this way. We weren’t too familiar with museums before, and we didn’t know much about them, but now we have a positive idea about museums and are looking forward to visiting them more often.

The museum was filled with many surprises, such as Egyptians – we did not expect to learn so much more about them than we already knew! We also did not expect to see so much wildlife and so many different animals that we haven’t really seen before – this all added to an amazing experience.

Hopefully when we leave school we will be able to consider working in a museum, but we will have to see how the future goes.

By Katie Kelly and Jordan Haddington


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