Meet The Team


Stories from the Museum Floor is an eclectic mix of stories about the objects, exhibitions, events, people and programmes at Manchester Museum.

Posts are written by the Visitor Team. We are not experts, but we are people with a passionate interest in the museum and its objects. We each bring our own unique insight into Manchester Museum and its collections, and therefore the posts do not necessarily always reflect the views of the museum.

We also welcome guest blogs from volunteers, work experience students and other staff.

For more about the collections at Manchester Museum, please visit the Curators’ blogs.

Meet the Team

Judith (Editor)

Beware the Ides of March!
Party like the Babylonians…
Silver and Gold: Celebrating Age-Friendly Manchester
From paper to plastic!
Pirate Money!

Michelle (Editor)

An Inspired Anthology
LGBT History Month (Introduction)
The most precious of gifts
Winter is Here… Game of Thrones Special Edition
Teacup Travels – Inspiration for adventure
Pride of Place: Amelia B. Edwards (Update)
Silver and Gold: Celebrating Age-Friendly Manchester
Animal Kingdom – Two by Two
Gotta catch ’em all – Museum Edition
Flinders Petrie, Father of Archaeology
Being Human #4: Signs and Symbols
Saint George, the Dragon Slayer
Easter Treasure Hunt
Being Human #3: Experimental Archaeology – Egyptian Stone-working
Being Human #2: Reconstructing identity – a new look at the ancient dead
Living with the Edge
Being Human #1: Taung Child – The Missing Link
From Manchester Museum … With Love
Talk English – Birds and Butterflies
The Gods and Their Makers
Season’s Gr-eatings from Stan
Not just for Christmas…
There be dragons here…
Murder in Mesopotamia?
From Shrunken Heads to Collective Conversations
Encountering Corpses

Becca (Rebecca)

The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead
Halloween Special: So … why Mummies?
Ancient Egypt Glossary #3: Canopic Jars etc.
Climate Control: Marvellous Moths
Ancient Egypt Glossary #2 – Tombs etc.
Ancient Egypt Glossary #1 – Coffins etc.
Mother’s Day Special: How to make a Mummy


Remembering the Elm
Tasmanian Tiger: Story of an Extinction
Gelede Masks
Climate Control: Bringing It Together
What did T.Rex look like?
Climate Control: Changes We Can See
The Second Fattest Cow
The War of the Snails, Round Three: Down But Not Out
The War of the Snails, Round Two: The Heavyweight
The War of the Snails, Round One: The Home Favourite
A Plethora of Penguins
Halloween Special! Death and the Hawk Moth
Kiwi and Egg Syndrome


Climate Control: Climate Exchange


Bludgeons and Dragons (Part 3): The Neglected Colour and its Revenge
Bludgeons and Dragons (Part 2): The Questionable Ones
Bludgeons and Dragons (Part 1): A Rainbow in Jars


Manchester Histories Festival Roman Tour
The Museum Comes to You
Roman Tours and Object Handling


Valentine’s Day – All about Love …
Chinese New Year 2017 -The Year of the Rooster
Chinese Zodiac: Part 1 – Monkey


The Nocturnal Journals


Climate Control – Join the Conversation!
From Manchester Museum … With Love
Not just for Christmas…
Rock Blog Part 2
Rock Blog Part 1


The Bison – Emperor of the Forest


Unicorn of the Sea: Part 2 – The Mystery Continues
Unicorn of the Sea: Part 1 – The Age of Exploration
Climate Control: Climate Exchange
Climate Control: Marvellous Moths
Easter Edition: ‘Oophaga pumilio’ … the Egg Eater!

Louise T

Museum Inspires Pictures at an Exhibition
Museum versus zoo – summer holiday showdown
Stan The T.Rex Visited By ‘Long Lost Family’
See Living Worlds in 3D – Part II
Talking With Dinosaurs
See Living Worlds in 3D!
Art and the Modern Museum
Stan the T. rex – A Day in the Life

Louise W

Spring in the Museum Shop
I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas …

Luke G

Something Fishy
Gotta catch ’em all – Museum Edition
Keeping in Mind – Dementia and Museums, Part 3
A Fistful of Dollars
Mythical Creatures in Manchester Museum

Luke W

From Arcs To Embers (part 1): King of the Universe


A Wolf’s Tail
Amelia B. Edwards – A Thousand Miles up the Nile
Women Of Antiquity


Climate Control – The Polar Bear Fact File
Fifteen Children and a T-Rex!
Birds of Fancy


Spartan and Athenian Sexuality (LGBT History Month)
Scrimshaws and the fascinating story of Rachel Pringle Polgreen
Rapa Nui or Easter Island
Moche Culture
The Egyptian Scarab Beetle – Dung Beetles Do the Dirty Work!
From Volunteer to Supervisor

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