Collection Bites

In keeping with the eclectic and individual insights into the objects, collections and people of Manchester Museum, the Visitor Team deliver free lunchtime talks every other week in the Collections Study Centre.

Collection Bites

Mondays – Meet at Reception at 1pm for 1.15 start
Collections Study Centre, Manchester Museum
Adult Programme
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Coming up:

Monday 12th June – Manchester Histories Festival: The Anti-Corn Law League – Free Trade, Liberalism and the Rise of Cottonopolis (Guest: Sarah Scott)
Monday 19th June – Snakes: Serpentine Symbolism in Myth and Culture (Dara Laughlin)

Many of the talks are linked to the ideas and themes in our blog posts.

From the Archive:

Language Spotting in Manchester (Bryony Rigby)
Hidden Histories: The Women of the English Civil War (Catherine Tindsley)
Ancient Roman Food: What did the Romans leave in our kitchens? (Maria Jose Ramos Acevedo)
Blood, Sweat and Innovation: The History of Medicine (Stephanie Studders)
In space, no one can hear you scream (Chiara Ludolini)
Wonder Women Festival: From Petticoats to Microscopes – Margaret Murray, Marie Stopes and Adela Breton (Judith Fabian and Michelle Scott)
Solid Flux (Jennie Trueman)
Symbols of Love at Manchester Museum (Fang Zong)
Memories of Partition (Harriet Morgan-Shami)
The Problem of Provenance – The Authentic Story? (Michelle Scott)
Admired Beast and Villain: A History of Human/Wolf Relations (Stephanie Studders)
Time for Tea? Tea, Art and Culture (Fang Zong)
Echolocation: The Highs and Lows of Cetaceans (Jason Lau)
Pirate Money (Judith Fabian)
Ganesha – The god with many stories (Michelle Scott)
Anatomy – The Wonders of the Body (Chiara Ludolini)
Best of British Moths (Bryony Rigby)
The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead (Michelle Scott)
Object Lessons – Imagining the Prehistoric (Catherine Tindsley)
The Symbolic Life of Bees (Deborah Ward)
Parsley, Sage Rosemary and … Mint (Fang Zong)
Roman Manchester (Maria Jose Acevedo Ramos)
Rocks – Order out of Chaos (Jennie Trueman)
Intangible Heritage (Bryong Rigby)
Amber – Scientific and Cultural Significance (Klaudia Januszewska)
Encountering Corpses: Mummies, Museums and Materialities (Michelle Scott)
Ancient Egypt’s Symbolic Landscape: Signs, Symbols and the Storage of Memory (Michelle Scott)
Bludgeons and Dragons: A Colourful Journey through Pigment (Chiara Ludolini)
Earth Rocks (Jennie Trueman)
Lesser-known small cat species of the world (Bryony Rigby)
Ancestor Selfies: Face to Face with the Ancient Dead (Michelle Scott)