Easter Treasure Hunt

Today’s post is by Michelle from the Visitor Team at Manchester Museum. We are not experts, but we are people with a passionate interest in the museum and its objects. We each bring our own insight into Manchester Museum and its collections.

For more about the collections at Manchester Museum, please visit the Curators’ blogs.

Manchester Museum’s Easter Treasure Hunt

This bank holiday weekend means different things to different people, whether that’s motivated by faith, family, chocolate, spirituality, sunshine (?!), or just a long weekend off work!


This time last year, Easter coincided with Manchester Museum’s exhibition, ‘Making Monuments on Rapa Nui: The Statues from Easter Island’, and a year on Moai Hava still guards the museum’s entrance.

Moai Hava arriving at Manchester Museum in 2015, on loan from the British Museum

So, if Moai Hava was to set a treasure hunt, what would he choose? Probably obsidian blades, volcanic tuff, red scoria, and wooden ritual objects inscribed with the undeciphered Rongorongo script …

But don’t worry! Our Easter treasure hunt is a little easier …

First, can you find any Easter bunnies?

That was easy! What else?

How about the traditional fashion of Easter bonnets?

Norwegian beaded bridal crown. The Study, Manchester Musem

Ok, maybe that’s not strictly an ‘Easter bonnet’, but in the spirit of the game, I think that counts! – I think I’m getting pretty good at this!

What about spring flowers?

The Study, Manchester Museum

Not so easy as it sounded, but that’s another tick on the sheet! And I don’t know about you, but I think there is another pretty obvious one to come …


‘Experience’ case, Living Worlds, Manchester Museum

We have so many butterflies, and they always remind me that summer is on its way, but I’m pretty sure there’s still one we haven’t had yet …

Nests, birds’ nests, like those chocolate cornflake ones you make at Easter?

Done! And so fragile and delicately formed … but more importantly, I think we’re getting warmer!

Ok, ok, go find EGGS!

Finally! Nothing says Easter like an Easter Egg hunt!

Egg-cellent! Even more eggs!

And we even have dinosaur eggs!

Hadrosaur egg. The Study, Manchester Museum

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Easter treasure hunt around the museum. If you’re visiting over the Easter break, why not see if you can find all these … and more!

But whatever you do this bank holiday weekend – Have fun!


For more about the collections at Manchester Museum, please visit the Curators’ blogs.

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