Thematic Collecting: Migration – The Little Owl in Britain

A very interesting post by Bryan Sitch, Curator of Archaeology at Manchester Museum.

Thematic Collecting

Little Owl in Stoupa, Little Owl in Stoupa, Peloponnese, Greece

My family holiday in Greece last spring has proven to be especially productive in that some chance footage of local wildlife that I recorded on my small compact camera has proved to be the inspiration for an interview with Henry McGhie, Head of Collections and Curator of Zoology at Manchester Museum, on the subject of the Little Owl (Athene noctua).  Whilst my wife Christine and I were staying in the small resort of Stoupa in the Peloponnese we became aware of a rather unusual bird perched on the roof of the appartment block opposite where we were staying. I filmed the bird, which turned out to be a Little Owl, and spoke to Henry about it when I came back to work. Henry, who has a passionate and lifelong interest in birds, told me that the Little Owl is often seen during the day and…

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