Museum Inspires Pictures at an Exhibition

Manchester Museum is one of the many inspirations behind an innovative exhibition exploring modern lives in a changing city.


MADE is an eclectic collection of visual arts pieces ranging from sculpture to textiles to digital photography and video installation.

The group of over 60 artists behind the contemporary art show visited places and institutions around the city for ideas and produced this leaflet (left) showcasing Manchester’s historic buildings.

The museum’s Rocks & Minerals gallery provided the starting point for the stunning ‘Curiosity Rocks’ works, which were produced from projected images of crystal slices.

MADE – Curiosity Rocks

Another group of artists took inspiration from the Fossils gallery to produce the ‘Fossils of Technology’ collection, where Stan the T.Rex makes a prominent appearance among the prehistoric-future tech hybrids.

MADE – Fossils of Technology

The exhibition is being staged by Venture Arts, a professional arts studio working with artists with learning disabilities.

According to Venture Arts, MADE began with the idea generated by the artists themselves to examine the changing urban environment and green spaces and “how these two worlds connect and clash”.


MADE can be found in the Engine Hall at the People’s History Museum until October 18. Entry is free.


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