See Living Worlds in 3D – Part II

Haunting images of Manchester Museum’s animal collections took centre stage at a recent art show.

In her display entitled Stereoscopic Adventures, artist Jenna Rouse unveiled a dramatic hanging canvas featuring prints of skeletons from the Bodies cabinet on the Living Worlds gallery.

Final Pieces 1
Jenna Rouse

Also included in Jenna’s selection of final pieces for the group exhibition, called Eks’Vee, was a wraparound print showing monochrome images from the Variety of Life case.

Jenna Rouse

Writing about the project, Jenna notes: “A Stereoscopic Adventure depicts spaces of spectacle and wonder inhabiting the plane beyond between the living and the dead, from which uncanny apparitions appear and take hold.”

Final Pieces 3
Jenna Rouse

She adds: “Using silk and canvas to reconstruct the world acts as a reflection upon the reproducibility of the temporal spaces as fabrications of mechanical reproductions.”

Jenna took the original photographs in the museum back in spring using a 3D camera (See Living Worlds in 3D) and has since transformed them into these impressive artworks inspired by the natural world.

The pieces formed part of a postgraduate degree show by Nottingham Trent University students at the Surface Gallery and Jenna sent some shots of the setting up process so we also get a peek behind the scenes of an exhibition.

Congratulations to Jenna for her great work and thanks very much again for sharing her images.

Set-Up Shot
Jenna Rouse

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