Keeping in Mind – Dementia and Museums, Part 3


Last week, as part of Dementia awareness week, a group of us from the Museum and Whitworth Art Gallery went over to Nowgen at the  Hospital  for The Grand Dementia Exhibition. The Exhibition was a chance for groups to come together and share experiences and learning around the topic of dementia care. This was more than just a chance not just to show off what we do but an opportunity to connect with potential partners.

I would like to say I had the chance to see all the stands but in the time I was there we were quite busy. Throughout the day we took shifts on the stand so each one of us could show the work we have been developing in our smaller groups. Rachel and Wendy were showing the Montessori based Resources they had developed using the Museum’s collection, Ed has developed an iPad app and Lawrence was showing his Treasure Box resource which he covered in a previous post.

IMG_2650Myself and Andrea were highlighting the Museum Comes to You offer. This particular strain of Museum Comes To You involves taking a box of objects out to local groups living with dementia. All the objects in the box have some kind of link with Manchester and the main aim is not learning but sharing experiences. We use all the objects in the box to provoke conversation and get participants sharing memories. The best objects, in my opinion, are the ones relating to Belle Vue zoo as all the people I have spoken to have many fond memories of the place.

In the couple of hours we were there at the Grand Dementia Exhibition we had many people approach us about what we do, as many of the health care practitioners were unaware of the services available to them, especially ones so close to the hospital.  Hopefully this exhibition will have been an exercise in sign posting services and showcasing what museum’s and galleries have to offer.


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